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Five Finds For Friday

Five Finds For Friday

A selection of the artists, creatives and accounts that really stood out for us this week.


Every now and again you discover an artist that ticks all the right boxes. This week it has to be the work of Michal Lisowski. His work is stylish, full of depth and charm and executed perfectly.


It's so refreshing to discover an muralist that isn't conforming to the Pop culture movement within 'street art' Axel Void certainly isn't about recycling iconic cartoon characters or producing clean cut family friendly art. His work is dark and disturbing with claustrophobic undertones of menace. Definitely worth paying his site a visit.


Born in France and now operating across Italy and Europe Clet hijacks public signs and spaces and leaves them with his own twist. Full of humour and often representing a social or political message his work is definitely worth exploring.

Account worth following

Check out the Instagram account of artist Seb Niark. Full of character and colour, his work is traditional cubism crossed with a psychedelic acid trip. Very nice... 

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