A selection of the creatives, projects and accounts that really caught our attention this week...


The Highly textured and multi layered style of artist James Gilleard. He has a great eye for colour and balance within his work. You can find more of what he does here


This recent piece by the british based street artist Phlegm. He has a great blog, with loads of great projects and updates that is really worth exploring. Check it out here


A 360 panoramic piece by the Russian artist  A great idea and very nicely executed. See for yourself here

Time waster of the week

Run out of distractions? Not to worry, here's Sketch Toy. The perfect way to kill time and avoid work. Send your creations off into the world to feel more productive about yourself. watch how we created our stunning piece here

If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint
— Edward Hopper