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Joana Sus is a graphic designer and fashion illustrator. She works with ink, watercolour and fine liners to create beautiful and minimalistic images. Heavily inspired by street fashion and photography, her portfolio is definitely worth a look.


We've featured the work of Gerhard Human before, an amazing draftsman, illustrator and all round artist. This piece 'Deeply Entrenched' was created on nine identical stone tablets and mounted in a steel frame for the 'Past futures' exhibition. Find out more about the process and view more of his work above.


Eron is an Italian artist with a real talent for can control. It's hard to choose just one of his murals when his work is so consistent. His website really is worth visiting, the back catalogue of work is stunning, beautifully executed and thought provoking. 

Worth following

Ever wondered what your favourite street artist listens to while painting? Ever wondered how they got started? Well wonder no more, Vantage point radio has a growing archive of artist interviews, from EINE, The London Police, to ABOVE and the Notorious 1UP crew. Definitely worth a listen.

The best artists know what to leave out
— Charles De Lint