Discovering new artists or finding inspiring projects can be an exhausting process, so here at TLMC we've made it a bit easier for you. Here's what we've found this week...


The work of Jeron Erosie is deeply rooted in various disciplines including typography, conceptual art and graffiti. Not only that, but he's really good at painting and drawing bicycles-and perfect circles-with one swift arm movement. He's got an interesting body of work that is definitely worth looking at. You can visit his site here for more information. 


Creators of Contemporary Art

Telmo Miel (Telmo Pieper and Miel Krutzmann) are an artistic duo from the Netherlands. They effortlessly forge abstract images and photo realism together to create incredibly detailed and breath taking pieces. You can see more of the duos work here.



Jati Putra Pratima is an Indonesian Graphic designer. He creates beautiful landscapes that appear to overlap then fold over onto themselves. Surreal and dreamlike, you wont be disappointed, View his Instagram account here


Uniting Artists Worldwide...

With one million followers chances are that you're already following 'Art Collective'. If you're not then you can see what you've been missing out on here.


"Art is not a thing; it is a way"

Elbert Hubbard


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