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Andreas Lie x the london mural company


Andreas Lie is an engineering student who has found an international audience with his work through the use of digital double exposure-a process which involves merging two unique photographs to create one piece of art. You can find more of his beautiful work here

Felice Varini x The London mural Company


Felice Varini has done it again. He recently completed work on the Ville Radiuse in France. The above picture is only part of the finished project, you can find more information and images here

Mathieu Tremlin x The London mural Company


Mathieu Tremblin is a French artist residing in Strasbourg who likes to experiment. In this recent project, Mathieu took to the streets to 'tidy up' graffiti. You can read the full article here, its definitely worth a look, especially the before and after picture. You can find more of his projects here

Lilly Lou x The London Mural Company

Account worth following

Lilly Lou has a great hand style and a keen eye for colour and balance. Beautiful, crisp and clean work that is definitely worth keeping an eye on. Follow her here

In Art, the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can imagine
— Ralph Waldo Emerson