Here are your Five Finds For Friday. Our weekly selection of the creatives, projects and accounts that really stood out for us. We hope you enjoy what we've found.


The London mural Company x Cuong Nguyen

Cuong Nguyen achieves a level of detail and smoothness that is unusual in pastel paintings. With oils, he creates a realism that never completely crosses the line into the photographic, enabling the viewer to see how the image was formed from its raw materials. Visit his site here for more of his stunning work.

The London mural Company x Above

ABOVE is a Californian born, Berlin based street artist who has been creating public art since 1995. His work and trademark arrow can be found across the globe, check out the film of him creating his "Give A Wall street banker.." piece.

The London mural Company x Lucas Furlan

Roaming at night part 3.
The photography of Lukas Furlan has everything, atmosphere, balance, a narrative, humour and style. See the rest of this project and his other work here.

The London mural Company x DR WOO

This week it has to be the ultra detailed work of tattooist Doctor Woo. Check out his fascinatingly intricate, and often minute work here

The London mural Company x Jerzy koisnski

Quote of the week

"The principle of true art is not to portray, but to evoke"

Jerzy Koisnski